PUBLICATIONS - Conference Developments
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The Journal Panoeconomicus ( will publish a Special Issue with a selection of papers (5-6) presented at the conference. The selection of the papers will be made by the Scientific Committee of the Conference in collaboration with the editors of journal. The final decision about the papers to be published will be subject to a process of anonymous evaluation.

The editors of Panoeconomicus encourage the submission to the journal of those papers present at the conference but not included in the Special Issue. Papers submitted would be published in the regular issues following the usual procedure of the journal in the evaluation process of submission of papers.


A panel with papers around the theme “Financialization processes in emerging and developing economies” is being organized by Professor Eugenia Correa. Proposals of papers to be included in this panel must be submitted to Eugenia Correa ( and Jesus Ferreiro ( The journal Ola Financiera ( will publish a special issue with a selection of papers presented at the panel “Financialization processes in emerging and developing economies”.


The journal Forum for Social Economics (, an international academic journal sponsored by the Association for Social Economics (ASE) encourages the submission to the journal of papers presented at the conference. The Forum Editors invite the submission of research papers on:

a) The central socioeconomic problems of our age, such as the state of communities, economic and financial crises, institutional and technological change, poverty/inequality, terrorism, conflict and climate change as well as gender, class and ethnic issues;

b) Alternative measures and perspectives of socioeconomic performance, social network analysis, agent-based modelling and complexity economics; including approaches that endogenize social facts, well-being, quality of life, standard of living, provisioning, ecological sustainability, trust, institutional functioning, happiness and/or human development;

c) Policy issues, with the emphasis on how governance and institutional innovations can enhance coordination, cooperation, performance, justice, equity and trust for the common good.

The Forum is especially interested in papers that are realistic in their outlook, pluralistic in their approach, concerned with interdependent agents and take account of the institutional and evolutionary nature of the economy.