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The Conference will be held in Bilbao (Spain) from 27th to 28th June 2019 at the Faculty of Economics and Business (Avenida Lehendakari Agirre 83, 48015 Bilbao), University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU.

Bilbao airport is very well connected with the main Spanish and European airports. From Spain the flights last 60 minutes, and from main European airports 90-135 minutes.

From Bilbao airport to the downtown (10 kilometers), the travel is 15-20 minutes. There is no metro or train from the airport to the downtown. You must take a taxi (15-20 minutes going through the Archanda tunnels), with a cost of around 30 euros, or the Bus to Bilbao (to the Plaza Moyua – Moyua Square, from 6:30 to 22:30 every 30 minutes) with a cost of 1.45 euro (20-30 minutes).

For those people that go directly from the airport to the Faculty of Economics, a taxi is recommended. The alternative is to go to Bilbao by bus and, in the Moyua Square, change for the metro to the Faculty of Economics (commonly named ‘Faculty of Sarriko’) getting off at the ‘Sarriko’ underground station.

The Faculty of Economics and Business is 50 meters from the Sarriko metro station, in the park located very near to the station. There is a train to the Faculty every 2 or 5 minutes, and the travel from the downtown is less than 10 minutes.

Participants going from Bilbao to the Faculty by metro must take one of the trains going to Santurtzi, Larrabasterra or Plentzia. All these trains stop at Sarriko station, close to the Faculty. The price of one-way ticket is 1.6 euros.

Participants coming to Bilbao by train will arrive to the Indalecio Prieto Station (also known as Abando Station). It is in the downtown. In the station there is a metro station, and very close there is a taxi stop.

Participants coming to Bilbao by bus, will arrive at ‘Termibus’ Bus Station. Close to it, there is a metro station (‘San Mames’ station) and a taxi stop.

Participants coming by car will enter Bilbao from the highways from San Sebastian, Burgos or Santander. You can come into Bilbao by the exits West Bilbao (Bilbao Oeste) or Center Bilbao (Bilbao Centro). For those going first to their hotels, there are black placards with the names and the directions to the hotels. Those going first to the Conference at the Faculty must drive to Deusto (a suburb of Bilbao) and go to the Faculty (for those using a GPS the address is Avenida Lehendakari Agirre 83). Nonetheless, we recommend going first to the hotels and from them going by bus or metro to the Faculty.

The downtown is relatively small. You can go walking from your accommodation to the Faculty of Economics in less than 30 minutes. Public transport is fast and not expensive. Metro trains have a frequency of 2-5 minutes, and the different lines of urban buses have a frequency of 20 minutes or less.

Map of Bilbao